Winterzing the Bees

**This featured case is one example of the concerns people have brought to us. Names have been changed to protect the identity of the people involved.

Arlo* was building a unit on his farm to winterize bees and needed a power upgrade to 200 amp service. He called SaskPower with his request and three months later was still waiting. When he called again, he was told they would come the following week. No one came, so he called back and was told he would have to wait, that there were other jobs ahead of his.

By now, it was getting cooler and fall was coming on. Arlo was concerned about keeping the bees warm and didn’t want to continue waiting so he called our office. We made an initial inquiry with SaskPower. They told us that storms in the area had given SaskPower more work in the region than usual and they were behind. There also seemed to be a misunderstanding, based on his last contact with them, about the extent of service required. Upon confirming that it was an upgrade and reviewing their schedule, they told us they would be out to his farm within four working days.

*Names have been changed to protect identity.