Ombudsman Saskatchewan

At Ombudsman Saskatchewan, we take complaints about provincial government ministries, agencies, Crown corporations and most health entities. We also take complaints about Saskatchewan cities, towns, villages, resort villages, rural municipalities, northern municipalities, and municipal council members.

If you think you have been treated unfairly:

  1. Talk to the person who made the decision. If that doesn’t work, find out if the decision can be reviewed or appealed.
  2. If you have tried to resolve the problem and you still think it’s unfair,
    Make a Complaint to our Office.

Can we look at your concern?

If you aren’t sure whether we can look at your concern, just ask us – or you can read more here or watch our video.


Ombudsman Work Citizen-Centered

The 2023 annual reports for Saskatchewan’s Ombudsman and Public Interest Disclosure Commissioner, Sharon Pratchler, were tabled in the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly today. In the Ombudsman report, Pratchler says the office...


Season’s Greetings


Ombudsman Saskatchewan Investigating Recovered Documents

After learning that documents relating to Ombudsman Saskatchewan were recently found in a recycling bin in Regina, the organization has been conducting an investigation about the information that was recovered....


Ministry of Education – Early Resolution Summary

We have completed an Early Resolution Summary about the way the Ministry of Education reports and investigates complaints about registered independent schools. We also provided the Ministry a document on...


Ombudsman Credits Staff for Service to Citizens in 50th Year

Annual reports for 2022 for Saskatchewan’s Ombudsman and Public Interest Disclosure Commissioner were tabled in the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly today – a historic year, since the office is approaching its...