Presentations and Training

If your group would like us to do a presentation about what we do, please get in touch with us.

For Schools, Community Organizations and the General Public

If you are interested in having someone come and speak about what we do, the kinds of complaints we can take, and when to contact us, please call us at 306-787-6211 or 1-800-667-9787 or email


For Public Sector Employees and Municipal Council Members

If you work for a public sector institution, such as a provincial government ministry or agency, a provincially-funded health service (such as the Saskatchewan Health Authority), or a municipality, or if you are a municipal council member and would like more information about our role or fair decision-making, you are welcome to contact us at 306-787-6211 or 1-800-667-9787. We can provide:


If you are looking for general information about what we do, the kinds of complaints we can take, and how we address them, we can provide a brief presentation at staff meetings or other gatherings.


From time to time, we offer webinars for municipalities in order to reach out to many communities at the same time. Webinars that are currently being offered are posted under Training Opportunities, below.

“Fine Art of Fairness” Workshops

Would your clients say you are fair? What is fairness? What if your client’s idea of fairness is not the same as yours? This interactive session includes:

  • Ombudsman 101 – General information about the Ombudsman’s role and how the Office deals with complaints.
  • Fairness – What is it? How does the Ombudsman decide what is fair? What do you need to consider in order to make fair decisions? Review the fairness triangle as a way to look at fairness.
  • Power, Rights and Interests – Look at three different approaches to processes and relationships. Learn how to draw out your clients’ underlying interests – and how those interests affect their ideas about fairness.
  • Decision-Making and Decision Writing – How can you build fair decision-making into your regular processes? What should you consider when communicating a decision?

For more information, see a copy of our workbook. Available workshops are listed under Training Opportunities. If you have questions or would like to book this workshop for your staff, contact us.

If you are interested in specific training for boards and tribunals on holding hearings, decision-making and decision writing, you may be interested in the guide: Practice Essentials for Administrative Tribunals. For inquiries about training on this topic, please contact the Dispute Resolution Office at the Ministry of Justice.

Another guide that focuses on administrative fairness was developed by the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman and is called Fairness by Design: An Administrative Fairness Self-Assessment Guide.


Training Opportunities

Notify Me About Training

If you work for a public sector institution (such as a provincial, municipal or health organization) and would like to receive email notification about “Fine Art of Fairness” workshops, send your request to