Ombudsman Saskatchewan has jurisdiction over the Ministry of Education. If you think the Ministry has made an unfair administrative decision that affects you, first raise it with the area that made the decision. If you still think the decision is unfair, you may contact us.

Ministry of Education

We do not have jurisdiction over public or private schools, teachers or school boards. If you have a concern, you may wish to start by raising it directly with the teacher, school or school board involved. You may find more information about resolving teacher complaints here:

Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation


Universities and Colleges

Ombudsman Saskatchewan has jurisdiction over the Ministry of Advanced Education, Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the province’s regional colleges. If you think one of them has been unfair to you, contact them and try any applicable appeals processes. If you still think they have been unfair to you, you can contact us.

Ministry of Advanced Education

Saskatchewan Polytechnic


Ombudsman Saskatchewan does not have jurisdiction over the University of Regina, the University of Saskatoon, the Gabriel Dumont Institute, the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT), federated colleges, affiliated colleges or private vocational schools.