Municipal Police

Ombudsman Saskatchewan has jurisdiction over municipal police forces in Saskatchewan. Under The Police Act, 1990, individuals have the right to make a public complaint about a police officer or a police service to the affected police service, the board of the affected police service, the Public Complaints Commission, the Special Investigations Unit of The Federation of Saskatchewan Indigenous Nations, the Ministry of Justice, or a detachment of the RCMP. Once a public complaint is received, it is to be transmitted to the Public Complaints Commission. We have jurisdiction over the Public Complaints Commission. Since Ombudsman Saskatchewan is an office of last report, we generally expect you to use the public complaint process before will get involved with your complaint.

If you have a complaint about a municipal police service or police officer, you can contact:

Saskatchewan Public Complaints Commission

Regina: 306-787-6519
Saskatoon: 306-964-1450

After you have followed through with the public complaints process, if you think the Saskatchewan Public Complaints Commission has been unfair to you, you can contact us.


Ombudsman Saskatchewan does not have jurisdiction over the RCMP. Complaints about the RCMP can be made to:

Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP