Ombudsman Saskatchewan has jurisdiction over municipal entities.

If you think a city, town, village, resort village, rural municipality or northern municipality has been unfair to you, first contact them to try to resolve the problem. If you still think you are being treated unfairly, we may be able to help.

We do not take complaints about bylaws or other properly-made decisions of council, but we can review whether a bylaw or council decision is being applied unfairly.

You may also contact us about alleged conflicts of interest or contraventions of a local code of ethics by a municipal council member.  If you think a council member has contravened their code of ethics, contact the municipality first.  If you think the municipality did not fairly address your concern, you may contact us.

If you want to make a complaint or would like to know if we can take your complaint, you are welcome to contact us.

For more information, see Municipal Complaints We Can Take and our For Municipalities page.



Municipal Information

Information for municipalities is also available from:

Advisory Services and Municipal Relations, Ministry of Government Relations



Northern Municipal Advisory Services



Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA)



Urban Municipal Administrators Association of Saskatchewan (UMAAS)



Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM)



Rural Municipal Administrators Association of Saskatchewan (RMAA)