Vehicle Insurance

Ombudsman Saskatchewan has jurisdiction over Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), the Highway Traffic Board, and the Automobile Injury Appeal Commission. If you have a complaint about one of these organizations, contact them first to see if you can resolve it with them. If you think their response is unfair, you are welcome to contact us.




SGI Fair Practices Office


Automobile Injury Appeal Commission (AIAC)

(no-fault benefits appeals under the SGI Personal Injury Protection Plan)

If you are making an appeal to the AIAC, you may wish to access an SGI Appeal Advisor by contacting:

Office of the Workers’ Advocate


Highway Traffic Board

(for complaints and inquiries about driver license penalties and administrative suspensions)


Crop Insurance

Ombudsman Saskatchewan has jurisdiction over the Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC). If you have a complaint or inquiry about an SCIC decision, contact them first to find out what appeal process is available. If there is no appeal process available to you, or if you appeal and disagree with their decision, contact us.

Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC)



Private Insurance Companies

Ombudsman Saskatchewan does not have jurisdiction over private insurance companies, private life insurance, or health insurance, such as long-term disability benefits. If your complaint is of this nature, you may wish to contact one of the following organizations.

General Insurance Ombudservice


Canadian Life and Health Insurance Ombudservice


Saskatchewan Superintendent of Insurance

(Ombudsman Saskatchewan has jurisdiction over the Saskatchewan Superintendent of Insurance.)