During These Unusual Times, We Are Still Here to Listen to You

Here in Saskatchewan, COVID-19 has affected us in many ways. While provincial and municipal governments are busy rolling out new services and continuing existing ones, they still have a duty to deliver these services fairly. That’s why it’s important to know that we are available too. We are impartial and independent from government. We can help to informally resolve problems or investigate when appropriate.

What sort of problem? One that fits all three of these:

  1. It’s administrative. That is, it happened when a provincial or municipal
    government organization was carrying out a program or service. For example:- a decision that seems unfair
    – a gap in services or programs
    – a delay in service
  2. It affects you personally.
  3. You have not been able to resolve it with the government organization.

We also take complaints about municipal council members violating their code of ethics (including conflicts of interest). In these cases, we would only get involved after the municipality has had an opportunity to address the complaint first.

Not sure whether we can take your complaint? Contact us. We’ll tell you whether we can get involved and if not, will do our best to refer you appropriately.

Thank you to everyone in the province for your efforts to make our curve flat and keep the province going. Stay safe.

To Reach Us:

Call 1-800-667-9787

or use our

Online Complaint Form

As the Office of the Public Interest Disclosure Commissioner, we also remain available to provincial public sector employees who want to seek advice or make a disclosure of wrongdoing or complaint of reprisal.